Miniaturas Fortes

Figures and something else



Based in Zaragoza (Spain), our company has started as a project of his own. It is the application of many years dedicated to the world of miniatures, and at the same time, a return to the artisanal aspects of the figures.

We intend to keep a reduced size for our company, thus safeguarding our creative freedom and offer the best quality-value relation, maintaining at the same time a direct contact with the fans of this hobby. We will always listen to all their demands and will address them in the quickest way.

We favor strengthening our common hobby through cooperation with our customers and anyone interested in producing or divulging their creations. Hence we offer, along with our figures, miniature reproduction services, seminars in painting and sculpting, and a series of complements for the amateur sculptors.

Our dream is to reach a part of the public interested in our artistic production, and develop a work that encourages us.